Tax Credit Strategies

Why pay more when you can pay less

Having worked with countless small and medium businesses, we’ve found that many are leaving money on the table when it comes to some more advanced tax strategies. Let us help you and your accountant save more.

How it works

Secure and automated payouts


Send us your financial statements

To start, we take a look at your past tax returns to see what you have been paying in the past to see if we are able to help.


We analyze your statements and your operations

We ask questions based on your returns and what you have going on with your operations.


You save money, operating like you always have

You only pay out when a strategy we looked at actually saves you money. It’s truly a win win for you.

R&D Tax Credits

You can receive credits when you are allocating resources to research and development. Why not take the incentive the government is looking to give.

Real Estate Cost Segregation

Why straight line depreciate real estate as one entity when it is made up of many parts. Each of these parts can be depreciated faster. That means more savings for you sooner. And more cash available to you to invest today.

Get started today

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