Business Credit Builder Program

The Most Underutilized Business Tool In America

Mitigate your risk to the business by removing your personal guarantees while improving your fundability foundation for vendor and lenders. It’s time to make your business irresistibly attractive to lenders.

Personal Credit vs Business Credit

What's The Difference?

Whether you are looking to remove your personal guarantees from the business or are looking to help build the right foundation for corporate capital in the future, business credit is your ticket.

Personal Credit

Score Range: 350-850, started automatically when you were 18

Nearly all vendors and lenders report to the personal credit bureaus

Higher credit utilization hurt your credit score

Business Credit

Score Range: 0-100, starts when you have vendors and lenders reporting

Only 7% of vendors and lenders report (yet, they all check your business credit)

The more credit you use, the more they want to give you

How it works

7 Steps To Building Business Credit


Build Fundability Foundation

There are 125 fundability factors that vendors and lenders look at when looking at a businesses credibility. These factors are everything from a real business address to making sure your number is listed in the online 411 directory.


Establish Business Reports

While there are many business credit bureaus, the main three are Dun & Bradstreet, Experian Business, and Equifax Business. You need to make sure you information is correct and exact across all three. You never know which report a lender will pull.


Set Up Tier 1 Accounts

These accounts are specific net 30 accounts and smaller store accounts that have lower thresholds for approvals. You need to make sure you are setting up enough tradelines at this tier where all three credit bureaus are being reported to.


Monitor Business Reports

Here is where we ensure that all the hard work in the foundation and tier 1 stage are reporting the way we would expect. This highlights any issues and gives us a pulse of what’s happening on these reports as we move forward through the program.


Building Credit: Tier 2

With trade lines reporting and all three bureaus speaking the same language, the time has come to move to some larger net 30 accounts and larger store credit accounts. Once you buy, just make sure to pay on time.


Advanced Building: Tier 3

In the net accounts and store accounts, these are the most stringent in their approval processes. Additionally, there are credit cards that become available. Some of which you can attain without any personal guarantees.


Revolving Accounts: Tier 4

This is where the magic happens. This is when the business reaches a score and tier where you can really start leveraging corporate credit – with access to all kinds of funding – linked to your EIN, helping remove your personal guarantees.

What Business Credit Does

What Business Credit Gets You

Whether you are looking to remove your personal guarantees from the business or are looking to help build the right foundation for corporate capital in the future, business credit is your ticket.

Remove Personal Guarantees

Personal guarantees can drain you emotionally. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Improve Cashflow

There are countless expenses that improve through building business credit.

Funding at Best Rates and Terms

Corporate limits can be 10-100x larger with rates and terms that are unparalleled.
Use Cases

Ways Business Credit Can Be Leveraged

Here’s a starter list to get your mind going on all the possibilities that present themselves when you have better business credit.

Remove Personal Guarantees

You don’t see Bezos at Amazon or the Waltons from Walmart personally guaranteeing things.

Improve Cashflow, Access to Capital

Every time you see those large corporations secure lines at crazy low rates – welcome to corporate capital.

Plan For Your Transition/Exit

Whether you’re untethering personally guarantees for a sale or building a line of credit attached to the business when you pass down the next generation – or even someone internally.

Negotiate Better Terms With Vendors

When you have better credit (just like with personal credit), people are more willing to give you better rates. The same can be said in the business world.

Win More Business

When you’re bidding for jobs, why not pull your competitor’s credit after yours looks good. Who do you think that prospect would rather work with?

Lower Insurance Rates

With better business credit (just like with personal credit), you are eligible for better insurance rates. Some businesses have seen significant savings in this department.

Success in numbers

This system works in any industry as the vendors and lenders in our platform are some of the biggest companies in the country.


Corporate Capital Secured


Businesses Helped

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