About us

Your go to business solution.

From sorting out your finances to helping with sales and marketing, we have the right systems and teams in place to get you to new heights.

Our mission

We founded Trebuchet Solutions to empower entrepreneurs to make better financial and business decisions so they have the freedom to focus on what matters most.

Better Marketing and Sales, for everyone

Data-driven systems that produce like clockwork sets the stage for predictable, stable revenues and results. Scaling these systems is the fun part.

Finance management, made easy

Your financial foundation isn’t something that can be ignored. Streamline your expenses, build business credit, and position yourself to be able to transition the business at any point.

Making life easier for entrepreneurs

When you are focused on keeping every plate spinning, it can be difficult to see the forrest through the trees. Let’s help you build a clear path forward.

Our values

What we stand for


They say it takes a village – we agree. There is strength in numbers, let’s take advantage of that.


From technology to tactics, if you are not on the cutting edge, you’re on a fast track to being left in the dust.


We want our efforts in the business to me impactful and we want what we do externally to make a difference.


Being clear and truthful is the cornerstone of every engagement. Transparency inspires trust.


Honesty and trust is at the heart of everything we do. We know that trust is at the heart of every business partnership.


There is only so much time in the day. We want to work with people who are as ambitious about making the most of it.

Designed to give entrepreneurs the Wall Street experience they deserve.

Derived from decades of experience, our systems in sales, marketing, and finance are designed to bring enterprise level solutions to Main Street.

The founders

We’re a husband and wife team looking to build better results for all the entrepreneurs out there that are putting everything on the line to live their dreams.

Hunter Kinsella
Hunter Kinsella Co-founder and CEO
Jamie Kinsella
Jamie Kinsella Co-founder and Head of HR

Interested to join our team?

We are continually looking to grow our team. If you aren’t seeing a position you’re right for – please, reach out. We’d love to meet you. You never know where it could lead.

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